Murder Hobos of the Apocalypse


The Return of Devyn + Erik, the Dwarven Alchemist

As Renwick transports the party back to Connie’s Mansion, they hang their heads low – tired from the battle and loss of their tiny comrade. There is not much chance to sleep, though, as the mansion is currently overrun with tents – built by the Arakoa! Azer and his men have overrun the mansion with their numbers, straining the already taxed protection that Connie and gem from Devyn’s mother provides.

The party makes its way to Connie’s room and pays their respects, updating all relevant NPCs of the story thus far and beg for her to resurrect him. Sadly, there is just not enough power in the mansion to do so. Instead, the party is introduced to Erik, a Dwarf Artificer, who has been helping to heal the refugees through his potions and (otherwise limited) magical talent. With a foul mouth, but a good heart, he makes his short introduction before returning the wounded and sick.

With the recent revelation of new party members turning evil (i.e. Lucien), Bort confronts Ushien and Rundorth. Both are puzzled and can only offer theories as to how such vile spy managed to insert himself into the party so readily without their detection. They have no choice but to trust their most recent member: Justin.

Devyn buries Alvyn in a remote area of the mansion, creating a makeshift grave marker (one of his symbol tattoos) and says a little prayer to his mother to watch over him.


All “Hell” breaks loose as a hurricane-gale-force wind emerges within the Valley. Renwick theorizes that, with Alvyn gone, so is the Seal of the Wind – Yan C Bin must now be free. It won’t be long before the rest of the Elemental Princes follow suit. Residents of the mansion convene to discuss a plan of attack – the plan? Destroy the 3 Mana reactors that are currently keeping Tiarbasil afloat. Those who can fight (all of them) are dividing into 3 teams. Our heroes (Bort, Devyn, Justin…and now, Erik, I guess) are immediately transported by Renwick. They are given a spell scroll (one-time use) to allow them to return.


The party encounters Harpies and Grells before coming upon a sacred sarcophagus (healing good characters, Devyn & Erik, for 35 HP & max HP!) and a trio of Trolls playing tic-tac-toe. The trolls (possibly peaceful?) were defeated swiftly and the party is left with a few options:

  • The Northern door – leads north? Seems pretty quiet
  • The caves the Trolls exited (possibly more trolls)
  • The Western door – guarded by what appears to be a dark cloud Is it protecting the door?



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