Murder Hobos of the Apocalypse

TIARBASIL: The Roll20 Experience

No Darkvision #struggleisreal

Spending the night in Leohman’s Tiny Hut (thanks, Leohman for this handy spell!) our heroes rest uncomfortably with each other.

  • Alvyn wants to know what Lucien knows about ‘The Mighty”
  • But Bort blocks him at every turn. What’s going on??  

But the night passes and soon our heroes forge onward to the shielded city of Tiarbasil. Alvyn’s newfound wind abilities allow him to punch through the barrier protecting the city and they explore within.


Once inside, the city is covered in total darkness, preventing Bort and Justin from being able to see! Thankfully, Alvyn and Lucien have darkvision. Could this explain why Bort “accidentally” knocked over that Pillar onto those Dwarf statues??? MAYBE (NOT REALLY).

After such a battle, our heroes try to rest – only to be attacked by a Umberhulk when trying a short rest!

Battle after battle after battle they fight in the dark…..until Bort gets a premonition! They must go NORTH….and WEST! Now they have a goal!

After encountering a siege of Zombie beholders and a pair of Bullettes, Alvyn refuses to kill one of them and befriends it – naming it “Bully”.

Too bad about the other one, though… died because of Bonfire.

The city of Tiarbasil seems endless and much discussion is had over simply flying in the dark above the city – but the majority of the party ventures north on foot….narrowly escaping a trap set for them by (??) and uncovering the ADAMANTINE ARMOR it guarded!

BUT……it was also a dead-end.

So they backtrack and head west through a walled off section that Bort lifts up with his Hill Giant-like strength and we encounter……TO BE CONTINUED.



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