Murder Hobos of the Apocalypse

R.I.P. Alvyn Dworvish

“Truly he was the best of us.” – everyone

Previously on “Princes of the Apocalypse”:

  • Robbie is dead
  • Bobbie is dead
  • Aethasar (whoever that was) is dead
  • Devyn is dead
  • Bort& Alvyn remain
  • Lucien (Bard) & Justin (Druid) join the party
  • The party makes its way to Tiarbasil – with some vague intent to somehow revive Devyn?
  • Somewhere during all this, Bort, Alvyn, and Devyn are all polymorphed into Giant Apes

Traveling further west into the dungeon, the party comes upon an empty room with doorways all around. Remembering that Bort (when he was humanoid) said the party’s goal lies somewhere further south in this dark maze. So the party travels south….only to encounter Dragon constructs!

Using teamwork (and still super powered from being Apes), our adventurers make short work of the machines and venture south – discovering an Anti-Magic Field! Alvyn immediately reverts to his Gnome form. While testing its range and plans to get around it, Alvyn decides to scout ahead….foolishly, as his presence is discovered by a Beholder!

Our heroes try their best to strategize a plan of attack, but feel helpless without the use of magic to aid them. It is then that Lucien reveals his true identity as one of Devyn’s (evil!) step brothers – summoning the other two to his side to aid him (and the party, I guess) in this battle! Not totally useless, the brothers did provide the party with some valuable information: the Beholder cannot hold the Anti-Magic field and attack at the same time.

But they soon abandoned the fight to claim their prize….which was elsewhere.

But the Beholder’s Legendary actions proved difficult for our heroes to overcome. It managed to charm Bort and Justin, and Alvyn – poor innocent all-powerful Alvyn – was struck down by the Beholder’s death beam. #RIPALVYN

Bort, upon seeing Alvyn’s lifeless body, screamed into the dark abyss and ran. The Beholder commanded Justin to follow suit and a quick skirmish ensued. Bort eventually caught up with Lucien and his brothers, who had finally found their goal: an imprisoned Lich and Brother to Samular: RENWICK

Before Lucien and his brothers can finish their ritual to drain Renwick of his powers, Bort frees the Lich – immediately killing the Beholder (and freeing Justin from Charm)! Lucien and his brothers flee in retreat and Renwick, as thanks for his help, allows Bort a number of boons:

“You have a choice, young Dragonborn. I am not like my brother, so rigid with his morals. You may either reject your Paladin oath and become a full Barbarian, or become a Paladin for me, as an Oathbreaker.”


“This is what you wish?”
“Very well”

And Devyn….is…..REVIVED!

However, this is not the Devyn that we know and love. He seems afraid and confused. Upon seeing the party, he casts a Necrotic spell? Who did Renwick bring back?

Justin soon arrives, but is met with a steely gaze from Bort, who no longer trusts him. There was already one party member who betrayed him (Lucien), maybe there were two? It’s just too convenient to be charmed, right? RIGHT???

In a Final boon, Renwick teleports the entire party (Alvyn included) back to Connie’s Mansion….now overrun with tents. It looks more like a base camp than a home.



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