Erik Hearthstone

Dwarven Alchemist w/slight delusions of paranoia


Older, bearded, stout and hardy
Claims that all spells are trademarked by him


Erik Hearthstone hails from a proud Dwarven family of fighters, so it is odd that he wound up being an Alchemist. Maybe that call to action skips a generation. In any case, Erik enrolled in wizard school to become a wizard. But seeing as how Dwarves are not very magically inclined, , he did not get very far. But with Dwarven ingenuity and a drive to succeed, Erik managed to master the fine art of potions (and to a lesser extent, magical artifacts and constructs).

However, any road to success is not without its bumps. During his studies, Erik became convinced that some of the spells that he was working on creating – big, groundbreaking spells that are named after the creator (ex. Leomund’s Tiny Hut) – were plagiarized from his work! If only he could have become a full wizard!

The party discovers Erik at “Connie’s Mansion” doing his best to contribute to the healing that is desperately needed in the Dessarin valley.

Erik Hearthstone

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