Devyn Lightwood

A half elf whose power is rooted in divine light and fire


140 lbs
Unruly blond hair
Blue eyes with a twinkle of mischief always present


Devyn was born as the bastard child to Anton, a human high priest of the temple of Pholtus (god of light and law) and Lysa, a high elf. Despite his holy vows, his father was quite lecherous and corrupt, fornicating to please the flesh and accepting bribes for holy blessings and favors. The affair between Anton and Lysa was a well known secret throughout the city. Tragically, Lysa died while Devyn was but a young child, saddling Anton with the burden of raising his half-elf, bastard child. This did not compel Anton to be a nurturing and kind father. Anton made it abundantly clear that Devyn was a burden and unwanted, only allowed to remain in order for Anton to save face with his parishioners.

As Devyn grew, he adjusted to life with a father that obviously did not want him. His loneliness, however, was relieved through Jaydon, a human boy that befriended him. The two boys were close friends as children, and as they grew, that friendship blossomed into something deeper. Knowing that their love would not be accepted by the common folk or Devyn’s pious father, the two young men kept the true nature of their relationship a secret. Unfortunately, Anton eventually discovered the true nature of Devyn’s relationship with Jaydon, and he was not pleased. He was furious that the bastard son that he never wanted could potentially publicly humiliate him. Therefore, Anton decided to address the problem, and on a warm spring day as Jaydon was traveling on the road back to town, he was attacked by supposed bandits and bludgeoned to death.

The following morning, Devyn was called into his father’s study. Anton announced to Devyn that he was aware of his son’s immoral behavior with Jaydon. Anton, with gleeful satisfaction glinting in his eyes, told Devyn that the gods had struck Jaydon down for his sins. Devastated by the death of his beloved and enraged by his father’s hypocrisy, mystic light and fire erupted from Devyn, setting his father’s study ablaze. Devyn’s anger and grief had awakened his latent magical powers. Calling for the city guard, Anton condemned Devyn as demon spawn, ordering the guards to seize and execute him. Devyn fled the city, leaving everything he had known behind. He journeyed to Waterdeep, hoping to better understand the power growing within him. He also vowed to himself to one day kill his father in order to avenge Jaydon’s death. Ultimately, however, his greatest hope was to travel the world to find the power to restore his beloved to life.

-Travelled with Bort, Alvyn, Robbie and Mollie.
-Met his evil brothers and once again tried to incinerate his father’s office
-Turned into a statue by some stupid basilisks (and a poorly rolled natural 1)
-Went on spirit quest to become a cleric before being unpetrified
-Lost a dear friend to a slimy sea monster (screw you, Thaluna Mua!). RIP, Robbie!
-Travelled to Kapya and the Plane of Air. Lost another kinda friend…only knew him for like 20 minutes, but RIP, Bobby!
-Fell in the battle of save the Aarakoa.
Current status: Dead

Devyn Lightwood

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