Alvyn Dworvish

Tiny Fists of Elemental Fury!!!


3ft, 5 in
Green eyes
Olive skin
Bald head


I was found – abandoned as a baby – on the doorsteps of a secluded monastery – and was raised by the Gnome order of monks who lived there.

The monks were quite protective of me. The only time they would let me leave the monastery was to accompany them to the local villages and trade food for supplies. It was there that I discovered my joy for the shinier things in life.

One day while training in the woods, I happened upon an elvish child the same age as me. He ambushed me while I was meditating in the woods. We eventually fought to a draw and became fast friends. I named him “Robbie” and taught him to read and speak the common tongue.

We became longtime childhood friends, but eventually drifted apart as I focused more on my monastic tradition of the “Way of the Four Elements.”

One night – I received a vision (my “Hermit” discovery) that a terrible plague would throw the elements out of balance. I alerted the monastery elders and they sent me to warn the Emerald Enclave. I sent my message and returned, but discovered that my home had been burnt to the ground. Having nowhere else to go, I enlisted in the Emerald Enclave as an adventurer, reuniting with my old friend, Robbie.

I am constantly made aware of how much shorter I am than others.

I have a fear of abandonment due to my upbringing. This is only made worse by the recent death of my friend, Robbie.

My shameful actions in a recent battle – where I literally punched a Lieutenant of the Fire Cult TO DEATH – have motivated me to never kill again. (Yes, it was just this murder and not convincing the Azers to perform genocide of their own race). The only exception to this oath are the Thuluna Mae (3 witches) who I blame for Robbie’s death.

My most recent battle in the underground of Tiarbasil cost me my life – I was slain by a beholder. R.I.P.

Alvyn Dworvish

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