Murder Hobos of the Apocalypse


pretty sure this was more than one session, but whatevs

- BORT RETURNS – AS A DRAGON! (costs us $100,000 GP)

……..also Robbie becomes a Druid. 

- As payment for teaching Robbie to be a druid / saving Bort's life, party was asked to investigate "The Tower of the Scarlet Moon". Rumor has it there are druids there. 
- Lots of people are camped out at the base of the tower, heard great things about the Fire Druid (he can restore balance!) 
- Conjured Water Elemental ("Shelly from Benefits")
    - This enraged a lot of the guards at the Tower
    - shouted "Shatterkeel! 
- Rite of the Wiccar Giant: establish balance, bring back those who are lost
- Vision seen in fire with druids outside tower, “Broad shoulders, skin the color of a dying sun, hands holding back the door.”
- Stated at entrance to Fire Tower, “Water Elemental! Shatterkeel is done waiting! To arms!”
- Met Imex, senile / crazy Fire mage – who charmed Alvyn & made him descend into the tunnels below the tower (was this why so many ppl camped out there?) 

- After freeing Alvyn of Imex's charms, fire tower explodes. 

BACK TO SUMMIT HILL (Birthplace of Samular) 
- Party recuperates. 
- Bort becomes a Paladin! 
- Robbie's sword becomes uncursed!



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