Murder Hobos of the Apocalypse


Earth Temple first

- Spoke to Connie from HR. She gave us 8 silence scrolls to help us on our quest + teleportation scrolls + scroll of sending
- According to Connie, the elemental cults are taking up residents in the ancient, underground city of Tyar-Besil (sp?? [FTFY. —DM]), serving their respective elemental prince.
- Each Elemental prince requires a tether to the remain in this world. Destroy tether and eliminate their ability to remain in this world

- Quickly discovered by Earth Monks (Natural 1)
- Managed to sneak up through a garden balcony – defeated gargoyles and guards alike. 
- Fought & defeated blind Monk woman  

- Found casket that once held body of Samular (Tanner), now empty – fought Ghouls
   In life, Tanner was Samular Caradoon, brother of Renwick and founder of the knights of Samular
- Discovered dwarven delegate of Caravan + Galen 
- Devin's father (Anton – <s>half-elf</s> human Cleric) + Devin's half-brothers are in cahoots with Qarbo. 
    - Devin is petrified; party without a primary caster (Robbie standing in)
    - Galen joined party (5th level Fighter) 
- Fought Grylls [Grylls? -DM], Basilisks, Umberhulks (of the Underdark – why are they here?) 
- Rescued seventeen prisoners from Earth Monastery -
found a teleportation circle & transported everyone back to the Mansion. 



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