Murder Hobos of the Apocalypse


Bort AND Tanner died....!

- We got lost in this forest for two weeks 
- Encountered human loggers 
- Tanner died saving us from a Regenerating Troll. :-(    :-(    :'-( 
- Enountered & rescued a Trent (captured by the human loggers we met earlier….who had turned mad!).  We named him "Trent". 
        In thanks, he gave us two mini-Trents. 
- Finally encountered Nuvreem (Dragon) & slayed her (with Connie from HR's help) 
    - Robbie got a cursed blade 
    - Bort died. :-( 
    - Connie from HR / mini-Trent directed us to the High Forest, where we begged the Druids to revive him.  Came back as a SILVER DRAGON



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